4th Eastern Partnership Business Forum “Digital Economy: Innovative Platform for Transparent Borderless Business”

The 4th Eastern Partnership Business Forum is the most substantial business event in the official program of the Estonian Presidency of the EU Council.

The EaP Business Forum is dedicated to building business relations between entrepreneurs from EU and Eastern Partnership countries and development of public-private dialogue. The main objective of the forum is to promote cross-border economic relations, transparency and new business opportunities, with particular focus on SMEs.

We expect around 450 participants from EU and Eastern Partnership countries, including business leaders from IT, production and logistics sectors as well as high-ranking politicians and government officials to participate at the event.

This year’s focus is on digital economy and innovations:

  • redefining the governance process,
  • transforming everyday life and business in all sectors,
  • creating basis for a transparent and borderless economy,
  • facilitating economic growth, integration and international trade.

Priority areas:

  • e-Governance and digital economy – reinventing business and economic environment
  • Cross-border trade, logistics,  and e-commerce – facilitating international business
  • Financing for international business and innovations
  • Innovative technologies and horizontal digitalization – facilitating business across sectors through innovation, automatization and smart solutions

The discussions at the conference are inspired by the East Invest 2 and EU4Business Regional Position Paper

Working languages English and Russian with simultaneous translation.